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TopCatalogfat-burner and energyVAPRONOL T6 (60 tab)

VAPRONOL T6 (60 tab)





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This product will be in stock on Monday 09 March, 2020.

Product description VAPRONOL T6 (60 tab)

(Cem® matrix)


Vapronol T6 in sports

Vapronol T6 is the first adaptogenic complex in sports nutrition with a triple action on perceived & physical stress, oxidative stress & hormonal homeostasis. By doing so , vapronol T6 will restore your physical and emotional equilibrium in a revolutionary way.

Mediate exercisers as well as athletes are exposed to high levels of psychological and physical stress. Psychological stressors, emotional stress (competitive pressure, success and failure, perceived ability to cope), excessive training (intensity, duration) and poor rest exacerbate the stress response to exercise. These stress factors affects performance and increases the frequency of injuries and infections.

To solve this problem, Nanox nutriceuticals brings you Vapronol T6, wich will reduce the delelerious effects of stress and limit the high levels of cortisol accumulation. Vapronol T6 is therefore able to enhance recovery and performance.

Vapronol T6 is a true adaptogenic complex which:

- Modulates the hormonol production
- Has a natural anabolic effect
- Is capable of enclosing sugars into muscles and so directly stimulates energetic processes
- Has strong anti-oxidative characteristics
- Increases immunity
- Has a positive influence on biosynthesis of protein
- Modulates the overproduction of catecholamines in stress situations.

How Vapronol T6 works:

Cortisol is one of the primary stress hormones of our body, secreted by the adrenal glands and involved in the following functions:

- proper glucose metabolism
- regulation of blood pressure
- insulin release for blood sugar maintenance
- immune function
- inflammatory response
- emotional homeostasis

Cortisol production normally increases in the morning and is high during daytime and will slow down again during the evening. Cortisol production is at its lowest at night. Elevated anxiety during exercise or at work will elicit a higher concentration of cortisol than the same workload without emotional stress. When excessively elevated, cortisol levels have a negative effect on performance and contribute to muscle catabolism.

It has been shown that cortisol levels are higher in over-trained or under-performing athletes. A correlation has also been established between those athletes and depressed mood state. Vapronol T6 has the capacity to control the cortisol production during stress situations, comparable with intense exercise during training, sport prestations or stress in daily life.

Vapronol T6 and its working ingredients:


Is a bioactive peptide fraction of alpha casein and is concentrated after tryptic hydrolysis of casein. It is one of the rare substances in nature capable to influence cortisol balance and fighting anxiety. This propietary blend is one of the most potent natural calming and stress treating agents.

casozepin was tested on a group of biathlon athletes of international caliber from the military basis of Quebec, Canada. The athletes were subjected to a 4 weeks of intense and rigorous training. Every week the training intensity was increased with 10%. Casozepin was able to control cortisol production at week 4, showing results even lower than base line. It therefore enhances recovery benefits in order to ensure better performance developement, seriously reducing the risks of overtraining and injury related to physical and psychological stress.


Is a highly concentrated natural source of SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase) and catalase, the product also contains Coenzyme Q10, carotenoids, glutathione, vitamin A, C, E and selenium.

Extramel has a possitive effect on the signs and symptoms of perceived stress and tiredness because of its cognitive and physical tonic action.

SOD and Catalase are our body's first choice and nature's own primary antioxidants and the only substances capable to break superoxide free radical intermediated chain reactions in case of oxidative stress, related to highly intensive exercise, and at this way maximally detoxifying your body.

Extramel fights cellular breakdown and helps safeguarding muscle and other vital tissues.


Maca is an adaptogen , meaning it helps to restore balance or homeostasis of the body. Maca has traditionally been used to increase energy and to promote improvement in stamina and endurance in athletes.

It is a healthy choice for increasing physical and mental energy because it is not a stimulant, making it ideal for students, professionals, writers, sports enthusiasts and anyone who needs a lift.

maca is especially helpful for those with chronic fatigue. It has a very high composition and contains 59% carbohydrates (of which a high portion of fructose, giving a fast relief by fatigue) and 14% protein.

It contains the most important essential amino acids and contains only 2% fat.

Vapronol T6: your daily elitist lifemanagement partner.

Vapronol T6 will be revolutionary response to significantly reduce your overall stress symptoms by restoring your emotional and physical equilibrium, providing a powerful boost of:

- Emotional balance
- Emotional & Physical resistance
- Stress Management
- Post Stress Anxiety level decrease
- Energy
- Vitality
- Potency

This intense complex for your daily life has the following proven advantages:

- No memory loss (Social memory test)
- No habituation (CDB model)
- No addiction (Conditioned place preference test)
- No sedation (No weight increase)
- No disinhibition (CDB model and EPM)

Vapronol T6: your new partner for activity, resistance and recovery of body and mind.

Vapronol T6 will quickly and intensively improve your quality of life.

This product comes in a 30 day supply (60 tablets)

This product will be in stock on Monday 09 March, 2020.

For more information, please visit this products webpage.

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