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TopCatalogVitamin and mineralVitamin C Real Pharm (100 tab)

Vitamin C Real Pharm (100 tab)

Vitamin C Real Pharm is a supplement containing no less than 1000mg of vitamin C, 60mg of rosehip extract and 100mg of citrus bioflavonoids in a single tablet.




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This product will be in stock on Saturday 29 February, 2020.

Product description Vitamin C Real Pharm (100 tab)

  Vitamin C is the vitamin in the highest demand in our bodies. Its daily intake for a healthy and physically inactive person is equal to about 80mg/24h.
  Vitamin C is very common in nature and is most commonly associated with citrus fruits, although its highest concentration can be found in rosehip or hibiscus.
  It is an essential nutrient required by the human body, although it is neither synthesized nor stored in the body, so it has to be constantly supplied in food. Most notably, vitamin C supports the functioning of the immune system, protecting us from infections. Additionally, it has a fantastic effect on our metabolic processes.
  Vitamin C has many more benefits, e.g. supports the functioning of the nervous system, is responsible for the production of collagen that regulates the proper functions of bones and cartilages, improves the energy metabolism. It also helps the absorption of iron and maintaining normal mental functions.
  The rosehip extract, apart from being a great source of vitamin C, provides the P, K, E and A vitamins, as well as the B-group vitamins. It also contains many beneficial pectins, organic acids and others. Rosehip supports the immune system and is recommended in the presence of gastro intestinal catarrh. Furthermore, it help to keep joints healthy, so should be included in the diet of every athlete.  
On the other hand, bioflavonoids are chemical compounds present in plants, where they act as antioxidants. They come from citrus fruits, such as oranges, lemons, grapefruits, limes or mandarins. They are especially recommended during times of increased susceptibility to infections and diseases, also as support in serious cardiovascular diseases and cancer.  
Vitamin C Real Pharm is intended for both the physically active, and people leading a passive lifestyle, because it helps in the proper functioning of the immune system during intensive training, as well as during everyday activities.

This product will be in stock on Saturday 29 February, 2020.

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