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TopCatalogCreatineLevroMono Kevin Levrone (300 g)

LevroMono Kevin Levrone (300 g)





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This product will be in stock on Monday 09 September, 2019.

Product description LevroMono Kevin Levrone (300 g)

Food Supplement
  is an advanced dietary supplement containing creatine and beta-glucan, and can be successfully used by any athlete.
From the point of view of strength training, creatine supplementation serves to increase the levels of phosphocreatine in the muscles, which directly increases the body’s energy reserves for the duration of intensive weight training[1]. The creatine monohydrate used in is the cleanest raw material, enriched with the addition of beta-glucan. It increases phosphocreatine levels in our muscles by up to 20%. Research has shown that supplementation with this substance can have a direct impact on the increase in maximum power and performance in strength, training which is characterized by high anaerobic intensity[2]. also contains beta-glucan, which according to research at the University of Louisville (USA), has a positive effect on both the humoral response and cellular immune response[3]. Thanks to creatine supplementation, we can not only increase our phosphocreatine levels in the muscles, but also have an impact on the satellite cells’ activity in the muscles. Research conducted at the University of Copenhagen has shown the greatest increase in muscle fibre cross-section in people both practicing weightlifting and using creatine supplementation[4].
is the best choice for those who want to increase their strength and muscle volume. Grow with Kevin Levrone!
Serving size: 1 Scoop (~4,5 g)
Servings per ~67
Amount per 4,5 g
Creatine monohydrate 4,5 g
of which creatine 4 g
Beta-glucan 50 mg
Net weight: 300 g
Ingredients: Creatine monohydrate, beta-glucan.
Recommended use: Mix 1 scoop of powder (~4,5 g) with 250 ml of water, drink ½ serving before and ½ serving after training.

This product will be in stock on Monday 09 September, 2019.

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