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TopCatalogL-GLUTAMINEG Magnum (500 gr)

G Magnum (500 gr)

Magnum G™ is a potent pharmaceutical grade version of the amino acid l-glutamine. This advanced version assures maximum absorption and systematic assimilation. Scientific research has demonstrated that Magnum G™, combined with proper training and nutrition, will increase lean muscle tissue, amplify immune system response, and enhance growth hormone output. Magnum G™ is a necessity for the athlete looking for serious results.




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This product will be in stock on Tuesday 16 August, 2022.

Product description G Magnum (500 gr)

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found in the human body. Approximately 80% of the amino acids in your body are L-Glutamine. This is the first amino acid depleted during strenuous exercise and the most crucial to be replenished.

Poor results from exercise
Slow recovery time
Lack of focus during exercise
Quicker fatigue / less stamina
Less growth hormone output
Weaker libido

Building and repairing lean muscle
Clearing lactic acid to prevent intense soreness and to improve blood and nutrient flow
Boosting the immune system
Forcing protein into muscles

It is a Pharmaceutical Grade glutamine supplement
It offers very efficient absorption
There is no taste and it mixes easily in any beverage
Results begin in 7 days, and they are noticeable

Uses weights with their training program
Experiences fatigue or muscle soreness from training
Is needing more natural energy
Is a bodybuilder, fitness competitor or athlete

Training Days Non-Training Days
Take 2 scoops 15min before training Take 2 scoops upon waking up
Take 2 scoops immediately after training Take 2 scoops 30min before lunch
Take 2 scoops 15min before bed Take 2 scoops 15min before bed

Take 2 scoops (10g) 1 - 3 times per day mixed with the beverage of your choice.

1. Magnum DNA™
2. Magnum Big C™
3. Magnum Serum®

This product will be in stock on Tuesday 16 August, 2022.

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