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TopCatalogProteinWhey Supreme Ultimate Nutrition (2270 gr)

Whey Supreme Ultimate Nutrition (2270 gr)

The importance of protein in nutrition and health cannot be overemphasized. Proteins are essential nutritionally because of their constituent amino acids, which the body must have in order to synthesize its own variety of proteins and nitrogen-containing molecules that make life possible. Protein is probably the most important supplement for all athletes, but it is especially indispensable for those involved in long-term, high intensity endurance training.




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Product description Whey Supreme Ultimate Nutrition (2270 gr)

The manner in which the body uses protein during and after exercise is quite different from the way it utilizes carbohydrates or fat for energy. High-intensity exercise of short duration mostly uses carbohydrates, which spares the protein reservoir of the body. Roughly half of dietary carbohydrate is supplied as simple sugars such as fructose.

To meet the needs of athletes involved in long-term as well as short-duration high-intensity exercises, Ultimate Nutrition has designed Whey Supreme containing all the essential and nonessential amino acids to build the muscles after intense exercise of both short and long duration. Carbohydrate intake and subsequent glycogen concentrations are a major determinant of endurance capacity.

Whey Supreme is a customized blend of protein and carbohydrates, including immune-enhancing factors from whey protein by a specialized process. Since exercise can take a toll on the immune system, Whey Supreme is the nutritional supplement of choice for those who lead an active lifestyle. Get and energy-burst from just enough simple carbohydrates and maintain the level of energy with protein. Ultimate Nutrition's Whey Supreme is, indeed, the nutrition for the champions, by the champions!

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How is Whey Supreme Taken?
It can be ingested in many different ways. Most commonly, it is mixed with either water or skim milk for delicious nutritious beverage. Fruit, honey, yogurt or other foods can be added to make a thicker full bodied nutrition drink, if desired. It can be taken numerous times a day, but it is most beneficial if taken 30 to 45 minutes before the workout and again one hour after the completion of workout.

Does Whey Supreme Boost Immunity?
Yes. Whey protein is much superior to other proteins in its property to boost immunity by increasing the body's own antioxidants. Ultimate Nutrition's Whey Supreme is isolated by a complex low temperature processing system to retain immune boosting proteins which include B-Globulin, A-Lactalbumin, Glycomacropeptide, immunoglobins and, among others, Lactoferrin. All constituents in this category inherently boot the immune system.

How Does Whey Supreme Taste?
Whey Supreme is available in three delicious flavors - vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. All these flavors are blended in such a way that the undesirable taste of Amino Acids is overcome. All the three favors, when mixed with water or skim milk make a delicious nutritious drink.

This product will be in stock on Tuesday 05 November, 2019.

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