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TopCatalogProteinVP2 Whey Isolate (908-960 gr)

VP2 Whey Isolate (908-960 gr)

• Aspartame Free! • Research Proven • Pure Whey Peptide Isolate • 100% Hydrolyzed Whey Fractions • \"Bio-Active\" Peptide Isolates • Highest Nitrogen Retention • Gram for Gram More Protein Than Any Other Protein Made New Published Scientific Study Shows VP2 Whey Isolate to be The Most Effective Muscle-Building Protein Supplement Made! Scientifically Proven VP2 Whey Isolate - The World\'s Most Powerful Muscle-Building Protein! Protein is protein, right? WRONG! That type of foregone thinking will stop your progress dead in its tracks. Protein is the critical nutrient responsible for tendon, ligament, and muscle strength. The more effective the protein is at nourishing and supporting the recuperation and growth process of these critical links, the more injury-free strength, power and lean muscle growth you will be able to produce. A new scientific study recently uncovered some startling new facts about different effects certain proteins have on supporting strength increases and muscle fiber growth. This breakthrough study showed that VP2 Whey Isolate increased strength in subjects 156% greater than other proteins! And this same study revealed VP2 produced over 615% more lean muscle growth while at the same time promoting a reduction in body fat! Your muscular growth and strength potential is only as good as the nutritional support you provide your body. Feed it sub-par protein and you’ll get sub-par results. This is not opinion, this is scientific fact. Flashback to 1992 In 1992 AST Sports Science revolutionized the sports nutrition world by introducing the first whey protein supplement. Since then, building maximum muscular strength has taken on an entirely new dimension. Fast-Forward to 2001 Literally 9 years in development, VP2 Whey Isolate breaks new ground in the strength building supplementation. How VP2 Works - The Science VP2 has enhanced absorption kinetics that shuttle large amounts of the amino acids essential for protein synthesis directly into muscle and other tissues. This enhanced delivery system relieves the metabolic burden on muscle having to supply all organs and tissues with these amino acids. This leaves a more potent supply of critical amino acids within muscle and promotes a more constant, uninterrupted state of protein synthesis, cell volume, and muscle anabolism. VP2 creates a high level of cysteine within the bloodstream. Research has shown this to be essential to the protein regulation process within the body. A high and constant supply of cysteine channels protein metabolism toward muscle growth and away from muscle breakdown. VP2\'s cysteine supply relieves the burden on muscle, enhancing muscle anabolism and strength. VP2 is also high in cystine (two cysteine amino acids joined together). This dipeptide is extremely rare in other foods and protein supplements. It is critical to the formation of glutathione within the body. Glutathione is the centerpiece of all antioxidant and detoxification defense systems within our body and is the third biochemical pathway that leads to muscle growth and strength increases. The research on glutathione\'s relationship with muscle is clear. Heavy and intense training lowers glutathione levels. Increasing cellular glutathione leads directly to increases in muscle mass and strength. VP2 promotes elevated glutathione levels for dynamic increases in strength and muscle mass. The Research . . . Research recently completed on VP2 Whey Isolate has just been presented at the 2002 American College of Sports Medicine\'s annual conference, and the results are nothing short of amazing. In a double-blind, controlled research setting two groups of experienced, equally matched, drug-free bodybuilders underwent a 10-week intense training program Max-OT style! One group supplemented their diet with VP2 Whey Isolate, the other group used an equal amount of a standard protein supplement (found commonly in many supplements). The results obtained by the bodybuilders using VP2 Whey Isolate amazed everyone, even the elite team of scientists at Victoria University that performed the research. VP2 Whey Isolate produced: an average gain of 11 pounds in pure muscle a decrease of over 3 pounds in body fat without dieting a 110 pound increase in the bodybuilder\'s best squat a 45 pound increase in the bodybuilder\'s best bench press All in just ten weeks! This research was selected to be presented in full, at the American College of Sports Medicine\'s 49th Annual Meeting, 2002 in St Louis, Missouri. This convention was also held in conjunction with the 6th International Olympic Committee\'s World Congress on Sport Science, making it one of the most significant gatherings in recent sports science history. This research was the first to examine the effects of different proteins during bodybuilding exercise, using experienced lifters, in a real-world setting. The results are in and they are crystal clear. For building muscle all protein supplements are definitely not the same. VP2 Whey Isolate is the only whey protein verified in scientific research to pack on muscle and transform your physique. Make no mistake, VP2 is different than any supplement you may have tried. VP2 is formulated using state-of-the-art, cutting-edge protein technology. It\'s uniquely designed to accelerate the adaptation process of bodybuilding exercise. Now, VP2 has been proven to build you more muscle, faster. Provide your body the only protein scientifically proven to dynamically increase explosive power, strength and lean muscle mass.




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Product description VP2 Whey Isolate (908-960 gr)

This product will be in stock on Monday 08 July, 2019.

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