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TopCatalogAnabolic&Special preparationsCyclin-GF (120 cap)

Cyclin-GF (120 cap)





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Product description Cyclin-GF (120 cap)

“CYCLIN-GF is the biggest muscle building breakthrough of the decade!” –2007 Bodybuilding & Sports Supplement User’s Guide, By Daniel Gastelu, M.S.
The development of CYCLIN-GF by MHP scientists is considered by industry experts to be the biggest breakthrough ever in muscle building supplementation. CYCLIN-GF is undisputedly the most science based “Sleeping Muscle Activator” on the market. Inspired by Nobel Prize winning research, MHP’s product development team has uncovered amazing new discoveries in muscle fiber cell replenishment and growth. Here is what their five year multi-million dollar research project has revealed:

The Secret to Massive Muscle Growth Revealed Stored deep within muscle tissue is a vast supply of millions and millions of Muscle Precursor Cells (MPCs).
Many of these Muscle Precursor Cells (MPCs) are in a silent or sleeping state, waiting to learn their destiny. They can either be activated to kickstart “new muscle fiber growth” or they can remain asleep and eventually be sentenced for cell death.
Upon activation, Muscle Precursor Cells (MPCs) begin dividing and forming pools of myoblast cells that are programmed to become muscle fibers (myofibers), but only under the ideal anabolic conditions. Moreover, MPCs that are activated typically don’t achieve maturity due to inadequate nutritive activation, growth promoting factors, suboptimal anabolic conditions and high levels of undesirable muscle cell suppressing arrestor substances.
New Technology Activates Sleeping Muscle Precursor Cells Our new understanding of the Muscle Precursor Cell phenomenon is what prompted the development of the revolutionary new technology in the Cyclin-GF formulation. Based on the new body of research data about Muscle Precursor Cells (MPCs), it was determined that the muscle cell growth process involves a nutrient-hormone driven series of precise metabolic events that creates the proper stimulus and nocturnal nutritive-hormonal internal environment necessary for the activation and maturation of Muscle Precursor Cells (MPCs) into complete muscle cells. It was after this discovery that the MHP research team realized that a highly specialized technological advance was necessary to carry a sleeping Muscle Precursor Cell (MPC) through the 4 stages necessary to develop a fully mature new muscle cell.

“CYCLIN-GF’s ability to activate millions of sleeping MPCs and transform them into massive muscle fibers is revolutionary!” DEEP ANABOLIC SLEEP: The Critical Factor for Awakening Muscle Precursor Cells and the Development of Mature Muscle Tissue When MHP researchers examined the critical growth rate factors needed to occur in order to activate and develop a Muscle Percursor Cell (MPC) into a fully-grown muscle cell, they found that the greatest window of opportunity resided at night. They found a relationship between sleep quantity and quality and the anabolic cascade of hormones needed to grow new muscle.

Cyclin-GF’s multi-acting nighttime formula promotes quality sleep and stimulates anabolic cascade hormone production for peak MPC activation and muscle fiber growth. Cyclin-GF helps get you into the deep sleep REM stage faster, and stay there longer. Cyclin-GF ingredients and deep sleep promotes anabolic hormone cascade hormone production. Additionally, anti-arrestor ingredients neutralize and reduce the levels of damaging arrestors. With Cyclin-GF, peak MPC activation occurs, followed by elevated muscle fiber growth and regeneration, increasing the overall rate of muscle growth and size.

CYCLIN-GF is a Scientific Breakthrough of Massive Proportions Until now, you’ve only been tapping into a fraction of your muscle building potential, because within your body are millions of inactive Muscle Precursor Cells (MPCs). Imagine the impact that awakening these millions of MPCs and forcing them to develop into mature muscle fibers will have on your muscle growth and strength gains. Through the development of CYCLIN-GF, MHP’s research team has discovered the secret of how to activate these sleeping but precious Muscle Precursor Cells (MPCs) and promote the anabolic internal environment necessary to stimulate Muscle Precursor Cell (MPC) activation and carry them through the vital full phase muscle growth cycle needed to achieve massive muscle fiber maturity. Never before has any supplement or even pharmaceutical compound been able to activate sleeping Muscle Precursor Cells and carry them through the full phase muscle growth cycle to generate enormous new gains in muscle mass. CYCLIN-GF is your key to unlocking this muscle building phenomenon. It’s time to wake up the millions of sleeping Muscle Precursor Cells and stimulate them to grow into mature full blown massive muscles. Be one of the first to experience the latest breakthrough in the science of muscle building with the world’s first MPC activator, CYCLIN-GF!

Awakens Millions of Sleeping ‘Muscle Precursor Cells’
Instantly Develops New Muscle Tissue with Full Phase Muscle Growth Cycle Technology
Induces Deep Anabolic REM Sleep Patterns & Maximizes the Anabolic Cascade of Hormone Production

This product will be in stock on Monday 06 December, 2021.

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