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TopCatalogProteinProtein Rush Powder VPX (2270 gr)

Protein Rush Powder VPX (2270 gr)

Protein Rush Powder




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This product will be in stock on Sunday 07 March, 2021.

Product description Protein Rush Powder VPX (2270 gr)

Chronologically Released Bioactive Proteins†

Protein Rush® consists of a carefully constructed blend of 10 easily digested proteins. This new and innovative blend of proteins release into your body in a sustained chronological order. The di- and tri-peptide “fast proteins,” whey protein isolates and L-leucine hit your system instantaneously causing a scientifically proven explosive muscle building effect! The “slow proteins” inhibit whole body muscle breakdown (anti-catabolism) and prolong protein synthesis or anabolism (muscle building) for seven hours!† Protein Rush also features the newest and world’s only extended release whey protein isolate (WPI) called, Chronologix®! Amazingly, VPX has altered WPI’s muscle building properties by prolonging this desired effect in the body – truly a major protein breakthrough! Protein Rush also contains SRO™– SpiroFuse Reverse Osmosis™ WPI which is jam packed with highly prized low molecular weight bioactive protein micro-fractions. There’s more! The PeptoPro® in Protein Rush is a whopping 85% casein protein hydrolysate and is the anabolic king of all proteins!(1) For this reason, VPX is the largest purchaser of PeptoPro in the world. Protein Rush also contains Micellean® micellar casein, which yields a sustained release in plasma amino acid levels and prolonged protein synthesis for up to seven hours.(2) Intermediate egg white protein also helps round out the “fast” and “slow” Protein Rush profile. The L-leucine-enriched blend makes it immensely anabolic.(1)† L-leucine is an amino acid far more potent than old school L-glutamine that makes up the super innovative protein and amino acid profile in Protein Rush!(3) Each protein differs in its rate of absorption and duration of action. Thus each protein plays an integral role in the muscle building and fat loss processes.

Research indicates that consuming proteins like those contained in Protein Rush along with resistance exercise produces greater increases in strength, lean muscle mass, myofibrillar and sarcoplasmic proteins, IGF-1 levels, and greater reductions in body fat, along with enhanced immunity etc. Finally, no protein is complete until the right flavor is achieved. This is where VPX continuously excels with half a dozen in-house flavor and protein experts. The all NEW Biolicious™ Protein Rush powder is the best tasting most remarkable protein in the world! Protein Rush is free of banned substances, free of toxic heavy metals and is tested and researched at the world famous university, UCLA!

Recommended Use:
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: For a great tasting, Biolicious™ shake combine each scoop of PROTEIN RUSH® with 6 to 8 ounces of cold water (depending on personal preference for desired thickness). For added body blend shake with two or three ice cubes. Use 2 to 3 servings daily.

PROTEIN RUSH® can be used in conjunction with these other phenomenal VPX supplements: HEMOGEX®, REDLINE®, SRO™ ZERO CARB® PROTEIN, BANG®, POWER SHOCK®, NO-SHOTGUN® & NO-SYNTHESIZE®.

This product will be in stock on Sunday 07 March, 2021.

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