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TopCatalogProteinMacrobolic MRP (20 pak по 90 gr)

Macrobolic MRP (20 pak по 90 gr)

Unleash the Anabolic Effects of Your MRP for Extreme Muscle Growth and Rapid Fat Loss! The First and Only MRP Formulated to the Precise 45/35/20 Macrobolic Nutrition Ratio Packed with 32 g High Quality PROBOLIC® Protein for Optimum Muscle Growth Slow Carb™ Low Glycemic Carbs and EFA’s for Energy and Fat Loss Bodybuilders and performance athletes everywhere are raving about the new Macrobolic Nutrition line of products because they provide the precise 45/35/20 ratio of macro-nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) that simultaneously optimize muscle building, fat burning and performance levels! Don’t make the mistake of depriving your body of carbs or using inferior meal replacements to build muscle and burn fat. Do what the pros do and eat by the Macrobolic Nutrition ratio. Macrobolic Nutrition supplements are based on solid scientific research and took over 3 years in the research and development process. The resulting formulas have set a whole new standard in performance nutrition. Macrobolic-MRP provides better balanced performance nutrition through the 45/35/20 ratio, creating the perfect anabolic hormonal and metabolic landscape within your body to build muscle and burn fat like never before! Unlike other meal replacements, Macrobolic-MRP contains three scientifically engineered blends of carbohydrates, proteins and fats designed to optimize muscle building, fat burning, endurance and recovery. 45% CARBS Slow Carb™ Blend




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This product will be in stock on Sunday 18 April, 2021.

Product description Macrobolic MRP (20 pak по 90 gr)

This product will be in stock on Sunday 18 April, 2021.

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