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TopCatalogProteinSyntha-6 BSN (1320 gr)

Syntha-6 BSN (1320 gr)

THERE’S ONLY ONE “POSER” ON THIS PAGE...and HE DOES IT FOR A LIVING. Store shelves are littered with protein supplements that are supposed to taste great. But soon after you’ve made your purchase, your mouth reveals to you the disappointing truth: They’re only taste “posers.” Just when you thought protein couldn’t taste any better, BSN comes along with its newest industry-shattering formula, SYNTHA-6™. SYNTHA-6™ is no poser when it comes to great taste or great nutrition. Every scoop is loaded with 6 of the world’s highest-caliber proteins and “SYNFULLY” good taste. Support protein synthesis, overall tissue anabolism, and your cravings for dessert-like taste. Add SYNTHA-6™ to your BSN Supplement Stack now. PROTEIN SYNTHESIS NEVER TASTED SO DAMN GOOD! When you’ve got arms as big as some bodybuilders’ thighs, you need the most powerful protein that nutritional technology can provide. If you also happen to follow a clean, bland diet every day of the year, then it helps if that protein tastes lip-smacking good, too. That’s why Ronnie uses SYNTHA-6™ all year round. Being the biggest body builder on the planet never tasted so good.




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This product will be in stock on Thursday 29 June, 2023.

Product description Syntha-6 BSN (1320 gr)

This product will be in stock on Thursday 29 June, 2023.

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