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TopCatalogfat-burner and energyX-Fit Trainer MHP (204-234 gr)

X-Fit Trainer MHP (204-234 gr)

X-FIT TRAINER is a pre-workout supplement specially formulated to enhance your HICT workouts… and help you feel stronger, push harder and train faster than ever before. TRAINER is fortified with clinical doses of research proven ingredients such as beta-alanine, creatine, natural methylxanthines, a sustained calorie burning thermogenic blend and a specialized adaptogenic called CortiFit that reduces the catabolic hormone cortisol. Combined together within the revolutionary TRAINER Pre-Workout Formula, these clinically dosed actives allow high intensity cross-trainers to exercise harder, be stronger, build muscle faster and burn calories longer. TRAINER is also Banned Substance Free, so it’s perfect for athletes.




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This product will be in stock on Tuesday 11 February, 2020.

Product description X-Fit Trainer MHP (204-234 gr)

* Increase energy levels up to 79%.
* Improves mental focus & maximize workout intensity.
* Increase muscular endurance & increase lactic acid buffering up to 35%.
* Boost strength gains up to 45%.
* Lower cortisol up to 24% & promote lean muscle mass.
* Reduce body fat by burning up to 12% more calories for up to four hours after your workout.

**Does not contain any substances banned by World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). CortiFit is protected under US Patent 6,713,092.

Engaging in high intensity cross-training (HICT) workouts requires sufficient energy and focus to get results. But any old bodybuilding pre-workout supplement won’t due for the CrossFit, P90X or cross-training athlete. What you need is specific compounds in the correct dosages to keep you moving. Studies by Graham have shown that 250 mg. of the ergogenic aid caffeine boost workout performance significantly. Caffeine in such doses improves the metabolic rate, which burns calories and provides systemic energy for increased physical activity. In addition, research by Auddy et al. showed that a reduction in the catabolic hormone cortisol also improved energy levels among study subjects. Combining caffeine with a research proven cortisol reducer such as CortiFit and other ergogenic energizing and focus compounds can increase energy levels by an amazing 79%, while improving mental focus and maximizing intensity.
Only X-FIT TRAINER contains natural energizing compounds and exclusive CortiFit to enhance your energy levels and push you harder through your workouts.
The unique challenges presented by high-intensity, short duration workouts require specific supplementation to address muscular fatigue. This type of training causes increases in lactic acid in the muscles, which hampers performance by causing premature muscular failure. If you are able to reduce lactate accumulations and speed clearing of this metabolic by-product, you will be able to train harder and longer. This will lead to greater strength and muscle gains. Research shows that increased carnosine levels in muscle tissue improves lactic acid buffering, which leads to improved high intensity performance. Beta-alanine supplementation is proven in scientific study to increase carnosine levels both upon immediate dosing and on a cumulative basis. The clinical dosage of 3.2 grams was shown to be most effective at boosting carnosine and enhancing the “loading” of this important compound, while greatly increasing lactic acid buffering capacity by up to 35% for vastly improved physical performance (Stellingwerff, et al.). X-FIT TRAINER contains a 3.2 gram clinical dose of beta-alanine to lower lactic acid and improve exercise performance.
Training at extremely high intensity causes systemic hormonal changes that must be addressed for long-term success. For instance, this type of exercise causes excessive release of cortisol, a stress hormone that is catabolic. Cortisol has a place in extreme training because it increases blood sugar levels through a process known as gluconeogenesis, which provides short-term boosts in physical work capacity. This important hormone is involved in the classic “fight or flight” mechanism which allows for short bursts of high intensity that were required by our caveman ancestors to adapt to life-threatening situations. The problem is that on a chronic, ongoing basis, cortisol is very catabolic – which reduces muscle tissue, increases fat deposition and suppresses the immune system. Obviously, these aren’t the results you’re looking for in your CrossFit, P90X or other extreme workout program. A new research proven compound called CortiFit has been shown to reduce cortisol levels among exercisers. In a study by Auddy et al., 125 mg. of this adaptogenic reduced cortisol by up to 24%. Only X-FIT TRAINER contains CortiFit, so you can stay anabolic during your extreme training workout.
Creatine is perhaps the most studied of all performance enhancing supplements. This compound is a muscular fuel that helps regenerate the ATP-PC energy cycle within muscle tissue. The greater the amount of phosphocreatine (PC) available, the greater the capacity for muscle performance. Creatine monohydrate has been shown in scientific studies to increase strength by 14% using a 5 gram dosage (Rawson and Volek). A similar dosage was show by Engelhardt et al. to boost power output by 18%. High intensity training necessitates rapid infusions of creatine to boost the PC levels and speed muscular energy regeneration. This will enhance the ability to maintain longer workouts, which will result in greater strength, power and improvements in lean muscle mass. Creatine can be loaded for even greater gains in strength of up to 45%. With over 5 grams of creatine in every serving, X-FIT TRAINER is the best strength and muscle building pre-workout formula for high intensity cross-training.
Aside from its energizing powers, natural caffeine has significant calorie burning effects. Studies by Dulloo et al. and Nishijima et al. have reported increases in calorie consumption post-workout with the use of caffeine in doses up to 250 mg. While smaller doses (100 mg. or less) typically didn’t provide measurable increases in calorie burn, the 250 mg. dosage allowed test subjects to burn up to 12% more calories for up to 4 hours after training. Researchers theorize that consistent use of caffeine as an pre-workout ergogenic will lead to long-term fat loss. With its Sustained Calorie Burning System, X-FIT TRAINER helps you burn more calories and lose body fat.
Only MHP’s X-FIT TRAINER pre-workout formula is scientifically designed to address all the highly specific need for high-intensity cross training. This scientifically proven formula will help you maximize training energy, boost lactic acid buffering, reduce cortisol levels, increase strength and muscle mass and torch calories. TRAINER contains the clinical dosages of beta-alanine, creatine, caffeine and the proprietary adaptogenic compound CortiFit.
When it comes to high-intensity exercise, not just any bodybuilding pre-workout supplement will do. To push your body to the extreme and enjoy maximum performance gains, you need X-FIT TRAINER!

This product will be in stock on Tuesday 11 February, 2020.

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