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TopCatalogAnabolic&Special preparationsMutant Rage (960 gr)

Mutant Rage (960 gr)

The plan for MUTANT RAGE was simple - to formulate a product for bodybuilders who want muscles...BIG muscles. To get big you need to lift heavy weights - that's it. Not more reps with the same light weight - just lift more weight!




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This product will be in stock on Tuesday 24 March, 2020.

Product description Mutant Rage (960 gr)

Guys who want real size need something to give them more POWER, PUMP, and STRENGTH inducing nutrients. They don't want a party-drug laced concentrate that does nothing but leave you feeling agitated and then drained and crashed. Guys who want muscles also don't want old school pre-workout powders that only contain real doses of only 1 or 2 main ingredients, and then mere thimble-fulls of about 50 other ingredients.

Being made to Pro Strength standards is one thing - we certainly deliver that quality! But in addition MUTANT RAGE is also formulated to very strict medicinal licensing protocols; each and every active ingredient in MUTANT RAGE is at full clinical doses. This makes MUTANT RAGE the first of a whole new class of pre-workout powders; FULL DOSED in EVERY ingredient! In fact, each serving has over 3x the active ingredients versus 1st generation pre-workouts and concentrates.

MUTANT RAGE is all about no shortcuts to getting MUTANT SIZE and POWER - and having a great PUMP too! You can't increase PUMP, POWER, SIZE, or STRENGTH using geranamine (it just makes you wired and does nothing for real muscle size).

So we sought out to re-invent the pre-workout category by introducing a formula that actually delivers chain-breaking STRENGTH and POWER, and blood swelling PUMPS - and after just a few sets you will actually see your muscles increase in size right before your eyes during your first workout. We made experimental MUTANT doses - sent them to our MUTANTs in over 82 countries (which include some absolute huge dudes in Europe, North America, and Australia). After 18 months of trials, MUTANT RAGE was finally unleashed for the entire nation of MUTANTs.

So, if you're a guy who just wants to get all wired up on stimulants - forget about MUTANT RAGE. RAGE is for MUTANTs only - those who want to play with the big boys who want to massively increase their PUMP, POWER, SIZE, and STRENGTH!!

* The first full dosed, full sized pre-workout powder
* 3x more total active ingredients per serving for building muscle
* The only medicinally licensed pre-workout powder
* 2.2x the amount of ingredients for power output
* 2.3x the amount of pump
* Zero sugar!
* Just one scoop is all you need

MUTANT RAGE is newly formulated with one primary goal - to give you the absolute freakiest workouts you have ever had! MUTANT RAGE is the freakiest pre-workout formula the world has ever seen - period. It is NOT for the average human - it's designed for MUTANTS only. PUMP, POWER, SIZE, STRENGTH!!
FULL DOSES OF THE RIGHT INGREDIENTS: No thimblefuls here. MUTANT RAGE is full dosed in every ingredient.
3x MORE TOTAL ACTIVE INGREDIENTS PER SERVING: Compare labels. We encourage you to do so! Our formula clearly delivers over 3x the active ingredients of any other 1st generation or concentrate pre-workout powder. 3x the actives means MORE POWER for you.
THE ONLY MEDICINALLY LICENSED PRE-WORKOUT POWDER: Made in Canada means we have to follow very strict medicinal licensing protocols for every ingredient - it's against the law actually to use ineffective doses of any active ingredient. MUTANT RAGE follows this dosing protocol - wouldn't it be great if everybody else did too!! Why don't they? We don't care why they don't - we only care that we do.
2.2x THE POWER OUTPUT: Just compare labels - don't take our word for it. Look at the creatine and other ingredient levels in other formulas; MUTANT RAGE delivers full doses of each active ingredient - our levels are 2.2x higher than even the strongest concentrate!
2.3x THE PUMP/NITRIC OXIDE LEVELS: Again - we dare you to compare - we want you to! More Arginine, more Citrulline, more red blood cell builders!
ZERO SUGAR: While adding in cheap sugar is not that good we agree, adding in under 40 calories of waxy maize based carbs actually helps push the active ingredients into the muscle faster - exactly what you want right before your workout. 9 grams of waxy maize based carbs actually help.
JUST ONE SCOOP IS ALL YOU NEED: 2 scoops may not harm you, but there's no need to take 2 scoops - although some 340lb super MUTANT friends of ours in Europe have tried. We don't mess around - stick to 1 scoop!

This product will be in stock on Tuesday 24 March, 2020.

For more information, please visit this products webpage.

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