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TopCatalogAnabolic&Special preparationsAnimal M-Stak (21 pac)

Animal M-Stak (21 pac)

Without a doubt, some of the best, most potent anabolic underground "supplements" have originated in Eastern Europe, substances used twenty years ago by the likes of East German Olympic athletes to increase strength and performance. Tribulus, for example, was first used by Bulgarian powerlifters to shatter world powerlifting records. Well Animal M•Stak was built upon the foundation of those underground traditions. Animal M•Stak has also been thoroughly tested by elite bodybuilders and strength athletes. The results of this marriage were clear. Both competitive and non-competitive lifters agree. Animal M•Stak works. Plain and simple. So what do you get with the Animal M•Stak? Each convenient, single serve pack contains an active dose of over 8,000 milligrams of muscle-building ingredients. Animal M•Stak's core is made up of a unique flavone and phytoecdysterone complex, including three chemically-active substances: Ecdysterone, Ipriflavone, and Methoxyisoflavone. You also get hGH Secretagogues, LH Boosters, DHT/Estrogen Blockers, and Insulin Potentiators for optimal growth hormone and testosterone support.




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This product will be in stock on Friday 02 October, 2020.

Product description Animal M-Stak (21 pac)

This product will be in stock on Friday 02 October, 2020.

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