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TopCatalogCreatineCM2 Alpha (240 tab)

CM2 Alpha (240 tab)

CM² Alpha




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This product will be in stock on Saturday 21 January, 2023.

Product description CM2 Alpha (240 tab)

is the world’s first creatine supplement-- molecularly modified by a process known as esterification-- that prevents creatine from turning into undesired creatinine (a waste product). In the acidic (pH) environment of the stomach, old school creatine monohydrate is rapidly metabolized into creatinine. Though a natural byproduct of creatine metabolism, creatinine does NOT exert any ergogenic effects in the body; therefore, its presence, in any quantity, is not desirable. Due to the precise placement of its [m]ethyl group, avoids the stomach degradation process that occurs with creatine monohydrate products thus making it the world's first creatine-ethyl ester that is permanently resistant to digestive breakdown. By using our creatine-ethyl-ester (found only in CM² Alpha), athletes can now reap the benefits of creatine with only one-tenth of the normal clinical dose. This discovery will revolutionize the supplement world!

Each serving of also features the carnosine-boosting supplement, b-alanine. Increased levels of carnosine are known to buffer lactic acid in skeletal muscle resulting in increased muscular strength and endurance. Simply stated, b-alanine makes creatine work better

also showcases Di-L-Arginine-L-Malate-- a cell signaling-agent that is involved in many beneficial biological activities including nutrient delivery, oxygen uptake and glycogen storage. Each serving of Di-L-Arginine-L-Malate-- enriched dilates blood vessels for wicked pumps, increased vascularity and greatly accelerated nutrient delivery.

Gone are the old days of stomach discomfort and bloat.
Gone are the old days of impure and unstable creatine.

Now that you’ve got all the facts, it’s obvious represents the latest scientific breakthroughs in creatine, arginine and muscle carnosine delivery technologies and is unsurpassed by all “regular creatine” products in saturating the muscle cells with creatine phosphate, NO (nitric oxide) and carnosine stores. As a result, users are able to delay muscle fatigue equaling more reps and greater workouts. There’s nothing else on the market that even approaches the sophisticated design technology or the actual potency and effectiveness of the formulation. *

A quick recap of highlights:
New pump generating technology that ensures enhanced oxygen update, glycogen storage and nutrient delivery.*
Fortified with the university tested carnosine booster b-alanine Molecularly modified creatine to withstand the acidic conditions of the stomach.*
Causing no extra-cellular under-the-skin water retention.*
Effectively delays the onset of fatigue for prolonged intensity during training sessions and reduces muscle soreness for the fastest possible post-workout recovery.

Full pharmaceutical grade strength. Effective at only 1/10th of the regular dose of creatine monohydrate.*
SAN has once again pushed the envelope by creating the world’s first creatine-ethyl-ester. Leaving no stone unturned in the continuing quest to design the most technologically advanced, safe and effective supplements, SAN has raised the bar even higher and set the new standard. Unleash your genetic potential today by letting work its magic on you.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 6 Caplets
Servings Per Container: 40

Per Serving % Daily

Di-L-Arginine-L-Malate 2.0 g †

b-Alanine 1.6 g †

Creatine-Ethyl-Ester HCl 1.0 g †

† Daily values not established.

Other Ingredients: Calcium Carbonate, Cellulose, Steric Acid, Silcon Dioxide, Croscarmellose, Hypromellose, Magnesium Stearate

Recommended Use: Take 6 caplets one to two times daily, one serving 30 minutes prior to your workout and another serving immediately after.

Storage Instructions: Keep tightly closed in a cool dry place away from sunlight.

NOTE: Due to the potent nature of the formula, use no more than two servings per day and cycle for no longer than six weeks on with at least six weeks off before supplementing CM² Alpha; again.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

This product will be in stock on Saturday 21 January, 2023.

For more information, please visit this products webpage.

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