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TopCatalogProteinWhey Shake Syntrax (907 gr)

Whey Shake Syntrax (907 gr)





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Product description Whey Shake Syntrax (907 gr)

No gimmicks! No sleight of hand! No games! Whey Shake’s™ singular protein source is pure, wholesome whey protein concentrate. Although it is commonplace to add a small amount of whey protein isolate or hydrolysate (whey peptides) into a formula in order to list them as ingredients on the label, we decided to march to the beat of a different drum when creating Whey Shake™. Instead of trying to trick our customers, we are gladly proclaiming that Whey Shake™ contains only whey protein concentrate. This level of truthfulness makes little sense if Whey Shake™ contained cheap, inferior denatured whey protein that tastes horrible, dissolves incompletely and metabolizes inefficiently. On the contrary, Whey Shake™ contains only Promina™ brand whey protein concentrate--the purest, healthiest, best tasting, most soluble and most undenatured U.S. manufactured whey protein concentrate available.
As with all Syntrax® brand proteins, Whey Shake™ is not only theoretically superior, but also practically superior to other whey protein products on the market. Little benefit is achieved if a product does not offer real-world performance equivalent to the performance stated on paper. With Whey Shake™, we guarantee a product that will provide unmatched nutritional performance as well as taste delicious and mix instantly . . . all in the real world!
1. What is Whey Shake™?
Whey Shake™ is a delicious, healthy shake made from 100% pure, wholesome Promina™ brand whey protein concentrate.
2. What makes Whey Shake™ higher quality than the competition? Whey Shake’s™ singular protein source is Promina™ brand whey protein concentrate--the purest, healthiest, best tasting, most soluble undenatured whey protein concentrate available. Many other manufacturers use inexpensive, low-quality denatured whey protein that smells and tastes bad, doesn’t dissolve completely and metabolizes inefficiently.
3. What is a denatured protein?
Denatured protein has characteristics or properties that have been altered in some way--such as by heat, enzymatic action or chemicals--and has lost its biological activity. A good comparison is a fried egg (denatured) compared to a raw egg (undenatured) which maintains its natural biological characteristics.
4. Should Whey Shake™ be mixed with water or milk?
Whey Shake™ tastes great mixed with water or milk. Try it both ways and choose your favorite!
5. How much water or milk should be mixed with Whey Shake™?
Mix one full scoop of Whey Shake™ per 8 ounces of water or milk. For those with lower protein needs, one half scoop may be mixed with 4 ounces of water or milk. Please note the extra calories when combined with milk.
6. How often should I consume Whey Shake™?
Consume Whey Shake™ two to three times daily, depending on your protein requirements. Remember, the best times to consume protein are immediately upon rising in the morning, after intense physical activity, such as weight training, and prior to sleep.
7. Who should drink Whey Shake™?
Anyone who wants to boost their daily intake of high-quality protein. Ideal candidates include health and fitness enthusiasts, bariatric surgery patients, the elderly or anyone who would like to supplement their protein intake.
8. Is Whey Shake™ available in a variety of flavors?
Absolutely. Whey Shake™ is available in three delicious flavors:
Chocolate Shake, Strawberry Shake and Vanilla Shake. When you taste one, you’ll want to taste them all!

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 15 November, 2023.