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TopCatalogVitamin and mineralMax Complete Real Pharm (60 tab)(EXP 06/2021)

Max Complete Real Pharm (60 tab)(EXP 06/2021)

Max Complete Real Pharm is a top quality mineral-vitamin complex, designed to enrich your diet, especially if you are physically active. A perfectly balanced formula in synergistic doses, condensed into tablets in 1500 mg concentration.





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Product description Max Complete Real Pharm (60 tab)(EXP 06/2021)

Vitamins are, together with nutrients and water, the basic and indispensible substances responsible for the proper functioning of the body. Assisted by minerals, they regulate the metabolism.
Living a modern lifestyle it is extremely hard to supply the body with the proper amount of vitamins and minerals relying solely on food, especially during an intensified training. Therefore, Max Complete Real Pharm is the ideal choice for those who wish to care for their health and immunity. Keep in mind that inadequate nutrient supply has a negative effect on the anabolic growth, or even blocks it.
Apart from all the properties described above, Max Complete Real Pharm prevents stress-induced crises and increases the body’s immunity by replenishing vitamins and minerals.  
Magnesium contributes to a reduction of the feeling of tiredness and fatigue, supports the synthesis of proteins, cell divisions and the muscle functions.
Calcium is an indispensible ingredient that affects the health and condition of our skeletal and dental system. Additionally, it plays a role in the blood coagulation processes and  reduces the permeability of the blood vessels, acting as an anti-inflammatory and anti-oedematous agent.
Zinc helps to maintain fertility and normal reproductive functions. It keeps testosterone in the blood at the right level, contributes to good functioning of the immune system, takes part in the cell division process and supports the proper DNA synthesis.
Iron protects against anaemia. Apart from other dangerous consequences, anaemia in its advanced phase might even cause cerebral hypoxia. Iron indirectly reduces weakness and fatigue, problems with concentration, and controls the heart rate.
Manganese is a natural antioxidant, that protects the cells from a harmful activity of oxidants. This element is essential in the synthesis of urea and plays a crucial role in athletes’ diet, as it is needed to develop the muscle tissue.
Iodine is a vital element in our body, because it raises immunity and supports the functions of the thyroid gland. Additionally, it improves metabolism, preventing the storage of fat.
Chromium supports the processes of fat reduction greatly, while also restraining appetite. What is more, it has a very positive effect on skin and hair.
Copper plays a crucial role in creating collagen, that is a building block of bones, skin and the connective tissue. Copper also takes part in creating melanine, which is a pigment responsible for the colour of our hair.
Max Complete is a dietary supplement in tablets, designed for both professional and amateur athletes. Max Complete Dietary Supplement is a high quality product that supplements the diet of athletes in vitamins, minerals and plant extracts.

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