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TopCatalogHealth and BeautyBarley Grass 500 mg NOW (250 tab)(EXP 10/2019)

Barley Grass 500 mg NOW (250 tab)(EXP 10/2019)

Organic Barley Grass from Now Foods is an antioxidant supplement rich in chlorophyll that provides multiple health benefits.





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Product description Barley Grass 500 mg NOW (250 tab)(EXP 10/2019)

helps lower cholesterol, improves stomach, colon and duodenal problems. It prevents damage from free radicals and other toxins, decreases the symptoms of aging and protects cells from the immune system by reducing the risk of infections, inflammation and various diseases, such as cancer.
It contains barley grass planted organically and processed with the highest technical level to guarantee the preservation of all its nutritional elements. In the process of germination, enzymes and vitamins are synthesized, which determines the degree of nutrients to provide the greatest nutritional power. It has a high biological value, this superfood provides multiple benefits to health.
Organic Barley Grass from Now Foodsis a powerful antioxidant rich in iron, vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium, minerals, flavonoids, enzymes, chlorophyll and all essential amino acids. It reduces the symptoms of intestinal inflammation such as pain in the abdominal area and colon, as well as diarrhea associated with an accumulation of toxins and low levels of beneficial bacteria in the body. In addition, it prevents the formation of blood clots minimizing the risk of cardiovascular accidents and heart attacks.
Organic Barley Grass from Now Foodscontains a special protein rich in glutamine and hemicellulose that has the ability to stimulate the development of cells lining the inner wall of the intestine. Glutamine improves cellular metabolism and improves overall physical conditions.
Powerful natural antioxidant
Strengthens the immune system
Improves physical conditions
Reduces the risk of infections and inflammation
Helps lower cholesterol
Activates metabolism
Improves stomach problems
Supports colon and duodenal health
Reduces symptoms of intestinal inflammation
Stimulates the growth of intestinal cells
Reduces the risk of cardiovascular accidents
May act as anticancer
High purity and GMP quality
Organic Barley Grass from Now Foodsis a supplement of high purity and quality. It contains no additives or preservatives, it is organic and natural, and it has been prepared with the highest quality standards according to the GMP standards of good food handling practices. This purity and quality make it a highly soluble supplement, highly bioavailable and effective in use.

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 03 September, 2019.

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