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TopCatalogProteinLow Carb Protein Shake (250 ml)(EXP 07/2019)

Low Carb Protein Shake (250 ml)(EXP 07/2019)

Weider Low Carb Protein Shake





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Product description Low Carb Protein Shake (250 ml)(EXP 07/2019)

Finally Here we have a protein shake in a practical 250 ml can.

A dose for all who want to stay slim and dynamic reduce fat! Because we know that through Atkins diet much carbohydrates gets absorbed, making people plump. As a result people increase their protein intake to offset the fat gained. Fat is really reduced only in such a way!

Newest scientific realizations led to a revolution in the evaluation of diets. In the USA and other western industrialized nations, people continue to grow thicker, although they consume a great quantity of many fat-reduced products. But fat reduction alone is not enough, obviously! It was proven that the reduction of carboydrates is much more important.

One who wants to decrease the fat does so not by reducing the muscle mass and fluid but by burning the fat. But in addition, the body needs a combination of the three following components: much protein, a reasonable portion of " good fat" and above all less carbohydrates!

For this special Shake we use high-quality raw materials and 50% pure milk so that it confirms to the biological and qualitative value. The quantity of 250 ml ideally fits a mealtime during sport. By the stable and light doses, one can now nourish oneself easily and have a healthy dose of protein

Product features:
Low carboydrates, More protein, sparse fat
optimal Slimming formula
Training phase:
Muscle build-up phase
Definition phase
two shakes daily. if one does not have time or desire for preparing a meal, it serves as an ideal substitute.

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 06 June, 2019.

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