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TopCatalogGainerEXUM MASS XXL NANOX (2000 gr)


With EXUM MASS XXL® HARDCORE we set the record straight. Size DOES matter! Bodybuilders and hard-trainers alike are always looking for a supplement to help them gain weight fast. Whether you are stuck in a growth plateau or just have a hard time packing that desirable mass, you now have EXUM MASS XXL® at your side to help you break through these frustrating roadblocks.




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This product will be in stock on Saturday 12 March, 2022.

Product description EXUM MASS XXL NANOX (2000 gr)

This product is the most superior massbuilder that signals dramatic muscle growth at a fast pace.

Check out how this superb supplement, packed with only the most high-graded ingredients , will change the way bodybuilders and other athletes pack on muscle!

The concept of EXUM MASS XXL® HARDCORE basically exists out of 5 components:

Energy-producing Carbohydrate mix:

Nanox Nutriceuticals developed a highly specific proprietary carbohydrate mix existing out of a well defined combination of high molecular weight long chain and branched chain maltodextrins combined with Palatinose®

Palatinose® is the perfect carbohydrate since it does NOT create blood glucose or insulin level spikes (low glycemic index-GI), causes no tooth decay, does not cause any stomach discomfort when consumed in larger amounts and finally promotes a healthier and stronger physique.

With its slow but complete absorption and hydrolysis, Palatinose® provides a constant and extended stream of energy for muscles and brain. This new source of energy lasts over a longer period of time compared to more quickly absorbed carbohydrates. An ideal product property for today's life demanding full mental and physical performance.

The intake of a increased (too high) level of normal (fast) sugars can lead to a hypoglycemic reaction due to the fact that the energy out of fast sugars also is consumed very fast which gives a shortage in blood glucose. The consequence will be hunger, tiredness and shaking. This phenomena is also known as "the black whole". The energy out of Palatinose will only reach this barrier after a much longer period.

Like it has a limited reaction on the blood glucose, Palatinose also has a low insulin index. Therefore this substance highly contributes to maintaining a correct insulin level in our body, contributing to the uptake of nutrients in the body, the production of energy and the formation of muscle tissue.

Advanced Amino Acid Matrix:

Each daily dosage of EXUM MASS XXL® contains no less than 70 grams of a high quality protein mix, designed to signal rapid muscle growth when delivering the exact amino-acid ratio to your body.

EXUM MASS XXL® contains four different proteins, all of only the highest quality available: whey concentrate, whey isolate, whey hydrolisate and egg albumin.

This state of the art formula is reinforced with an extra 2grams of BCAA's in order to jack up muscle growth. This excellent musclebuilding formula contains a whopping daily BCAA's dosage of 14,33 grams, resulting in an optimal support of protein synthesis and muscle growth.

Crea-Trona® : Double buffered, ultra pure creatin:

Unlike our competion, we continue to extend our boundaries by using Crea-Trona® instead of alkalyn creatine.

Crea-Trona® offers a truly adequate buffer, resulting in a better stability in acid (stomach) and a better uptake of creatin into the cells. The sodium-bicarbonate buffer in Crea-Trona® also supports the body's own bicarbonate buffer during high-intensity exercises, giving better results in performance at an amazing rate.

Aminogen® Infusion:

A vital ingredient in EXUM MASS XXL® is Aminogen®, a clinically proven substance that increases amino acid levels and boosts nitrogen retention. This patented designer plant derived enzyme will break down protein and improve amino acid absorption.

Aminogen is ideal for increasing lean body mass while promoting muscle recovery.

B-Vitamin & ZIMA complex:

EXUM MASS XXL® delivers 100% of the recommended daily allowance of all B-Vitamins. The B-Vitamins are eight water-soluble vitamins that play important roles in cell metabolism.

B-Vitamins are necessary in order to support and increase the rate of the body's metabolism, immune function and nervous system function. Furthermore it also helps to maintain a healthy skin and muscle tone by. Last but not least it also promotes cell growth and division.

With its ZIMA (Zinc & Magnesium) complex, this finely tuned mass builder contains a daily support of Zinc and Magnesium at 100% of the recommended daily allowance.

Zinc, an essential trace element, is present in over 100 specific enzymes in our body. Most zinc is present in the brain, muscle, bones, kidney and liver.

Magnesium on the other hand, is vital for an optimal cardiovascular function, for muscle contraction and for nervous activity.

No other weight-gain formula in existence contains this unique combination of ingredients!

Reap the rewards of all your hard work in the gym by using EXUM MASS XXL® to jump start your gains in mass like never before!

Available in a superb BELGIAN CHOCOLATE FLAVOUR , container sizes : 2 kg and 4 ,5 kg

This product will be in stock on Saturday 12 March, 2022.

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