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TopCatalogMeans for jointsGelatine Forte (400 gr)

Gelatine Forte (400 gr)

Weider Gelatine Forte Cartilages and tendons consist of protein called collagen protein. Therefore, Gelatine is frequently named as joint protein, since it makes collagen protein available to the body. The joints must constantly be supplied with collagen protein, because it is indispensable for the lubrication of the cartilage fluid and thus for the flexibility of the joints. Gelatine Forte supplies the valuable cartilage building blocks. Through daily nutrition these building blocks cannot be attained. The body active in sports need collagen even more. This product with added vitamin B6, Biotin and calcium assists the cell metabolism process, a nd hences makes an important contribution towards body flexibility. Sport is fun – however it's hard on joints! In addition, the regular intake of Gelatine Forte also ensures tighter skin and firm connective tissue (against cellulite). Collagen protein lends to the firmness of the connective tissue and promotes optimal moisture in the skin, meaning cellulite has no chance to appear anywhere on the body. Important: In order to achieve a good effect, scientists recommend the intake ranging from twice a year to once in every 3 months. For optimal absorption, daily consumption of 10 g gel is recommended. Product properties: ● collagen protein for the lubrication of cartilage ● Firms up the connective tissue ● Contains plenty of vitamins Intake recommendation: ● a portion daily, Intake period for gaining optimal results: at least three months ● Stir a portion of 10 g powder (1 accumulated Esslöffel) into 200 ml water Content: ● can containing 400 g powder Flavour: ● Raspberry




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This product will be in stock on Sunday 13 September, 2020.

Product description Gelatine Forte (400 gr)

This product will be in stock on Sunday 13 September, 2020.

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