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TopCatalogGainerMega Mass 4000 (3 kg)

Mega Mass 4000 (3 kg)

Mega Mass 4000 – a product with a lot of power calories!




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This product will be in stock on Friday 02 October, 2020.

Product description Mega Mass 4000 (3 kg)

The ultimate Weight Gain formula gives you up to 1500 extra power calories per day so that mass-building is not endangered - even during extreme training. Mega Mass 4000 is a carbohydrate protein mixture with micro nutrients. It is optimal for the needs of Body builders: Hard gainers in particular (Hardgainer – a person who only adds muscle chunks to the weight).

Product properties:
● Mega Mass 4000 supplies the calories and nutrients for the Hardgainer
● high content of carbohydrate for high energy requirements
● high-quality protein combination – builds muscle volume
● increases the regeneration capacity after the training

Intake recommendation:
● the personal daily intake of Mega Mass 4000 Shakes can be determined individually in a really easy way. Generally, one shouldn't gain more than two Kilos in a month, because, otherwise, the body fat increases too much. One's body weight, body fat and measurement of the waist gives the correct information about the right calorie-intake-rate. If the body weight rises but the waist doesn't, then one can be sure that he has found the correct intake rate that he should stick on to. If the body weight and the waist both rise, then the basic nutrition should be checked, as it is an indication of high fat content in the nutrition. If necessary, the number of Shakes should be reduced. If the weight doesn't rise, then the number of Shakes should be increased.
● for a shake: stir 150 g in 500 ml low fat (1.5% fat) milk.

This product will be in stock on Friday 02 October, 2020.

For more information, please visit this products webpage.

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