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TopCatalogGainerMega Mass 2000 (3 kg)

Mega Mass 2000 (3 kg)

Mega Mass 2000 – Now a new and improved recipe




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This product will be in stock on Sunday 13 September, 2020.

Product description Mega Mass 2000 (3 kg)

When one begins bodybuilding, only one thing interests him: How do I gain sufficient muscle mass quickly? The answer since decades has already been: With super Mega Mass 2000. For a successful muscle gain, it is important that one takes in more calories than one consumes. In addition, it is important that the person knows the source of these calories. For such an individual, a good composition of carbohydrates and protein is highly recommendable.
The composition of Mega Mass 2000, one of our absolute classics, is particularly conceived to suit the needs of the Soft gainers. And all this in four delicious flavor. The new Mega Mass 2000 - faster and more effective!

For an efficient muscle mass gain, you have to train intensively , and your nutrition must contain more calories than you usually need, for you, to maintain your current muscle mass. Because only calorie surplus leads to growth of the muscle mass. French fries, pizza and potato chips are, however, not the correct way. This develops rather fat as muscles. Therefore, correct composition of nutrition plays a vital role. The Mega Mass 2000 offers you an optimal „mass “ composition!

Mega Mass 2000 exists for over 40 years and it has continued to improve in the course of these years. The years of experience of the champions have flowed into this product to bring about the improvement in it . What are your needs? Would you also like to become better and gain more muscle mass? Then trust the 7 decades of Weider's experience. When Weider doesn't have the experience in bodybuilding, then we doubt if anyone else would.

Product description: Carbohydrate protein mixture with whey protein concentrate and Soy protein solids. Carbohydrates provides energy, and Protein gives quick muscle mass. Muscle mass for Bodybuilders: Softgainers in particular.

Product properties:
● Taurine as absorption boosters
● Trehalose for accelerating the growth process
● vitamins for the developing tissue growth in muscle building
● mineral materials for the developing tissue growth in muscle building
● trace elements for the developing tissue growth
● without gelatin.

Intake recommendation:
● for a Shake simply stir 90 g powder (1.5 table spoons) in 300 ml milk with low fat (1.5% fat); mixes best with the Shaker.
● on training days: Enjoy one shake 30 minutes before your training and a shake directly after the.
● on training-free days: Take a shake per day
● Important: You need to take the nutrition supplements everyday for building the muscle mass. Even on training-free days, since even then your muscles are in the process of growth.

● can containing 3 kg powder

This product will be in stock on Sunday 13 September, 2020.

For more information, please visit this products webpage.

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