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TopCatalogMusclePharmAssault MusclePharm (184 gr)

Assault MusclePharm (184 gr)

MusclePharm: Assault




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This product will be in stock on Thursday 20 June, 2019.

Product description Assault MusclePharm (184 gr)

Preworkout Matrix!

Supercharged Endurance And Training Intensity!*

Superior Ingredients, Super Results. Nobody Brings It Like Assault.

ASSAULT provides bodybuilders, powerlifters, fighters and strength athletes with a pre- and intra- workout powerhouse that promotes levels of performance that help you bust through plateaus.* Consume ASSAULT prior to training, or sip on it during the first part of your workout. From your first serving onward, you may experience a performance-boosting surge.*

Key Performance Ingredients In Assault: BCAA's-6g†, Creatine (Con-Cret/Creapure)-5g†, Beta Alanine-4g†, Citruline Malate-1.5g†, Astragin & Cinnulin-Enhanced Absorption. †Per Scoop

Con-Cret®: We were the first to offer this patented version of creatine in a pre-workout product.
Astragin®: A patented, clinically-studied ginseng extract, Astragin® may help support the absorption of many nutrients.*
Cinnulin: Like Astragin®, Cinnulin helps support ABSORPTION, so the creatine, arginine, vitamins and other proven ingredients in Assault can get into your muscles.*
BCAAs: Unlike "concentrated" formulas that hit hard, then leave you hanging like you just got mugged in a dark alley... Assault is there from start to finish. The BCAA in the formula is a patent-pending 3:1:2 ratio which is higher in leucine and valine than isoleucine. The addition of these amino acids promotes recovery and supports lean muscle mass.*
NO 1,3-Dimethylamine: Athletes need a complete formula. Not a stimulant.
The Complete Package: 4g beta alanine, 5g of Con-Cret® & Creapure creatine, 1.5g citrulline malate, 6g BCAA, carbohydrates, vitamins, and of course our special High Performance Energy & Intensity Amplifier blend* - All of this. IN EVERY SCOOP.

Focused And Blasting From Start To The Very Last Set. Prepare To Assault The Gym.

Demand A Safe & Effective Product!

Assault® is MusclePharm's most researched pre-workout, developed at the state of the art MusclePharm Sports Science Center. As athletes ourselves, we wanted it to do more than pack serious muscle-building power. We set the safety bar sky-high so other athletes know that they're supporting their bodies with great supplements. We are proud to say that Assault is one of the only Pre-workout products on the market that has certifications from both NSF and Informed Choice as Banned Substance Free.

Fueling Athletes Safely

Better Absorption. Better Results.*

So with the addition of Astragin® and Cinnulin PF® to Assault, you may see added support for the nutrient delivery of the glucose polymers, creatine, arginine and amino acids.* This may help support muscle pumps, an anabolic environment inside the body, and ATP production, which means more energy in the muscle!* There is nothing missing from this new formula, and the ingredients are paired together to work synergistically.*

This product will be in stock on Thursday 20 June, 2019.

For more information, please visit this products webpage.

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