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Radox Syntrax (90 cap)





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This product will be in stock on Wednesday 04 March, 2020.

Product description Radox Syntrax (90 cap)

Radox® is the premier, maximum strength, all-inclusive free-radical scavenger. This unrivaled formula contains a full spectrum of the most scientifically advanced compounds with antioxidant properties ever to be incorporated into one formula. Be a Free Radical! Don't Succumb to Them! With Radox® feel . . . Young . . . Strong . . . Vital!
1. What is Radox®?
Radox® is a full-spectrum free-radical scavenger, which contains a precise blend of the most well-researched and potent compounds with antioxidant activity in the industry. Radox® contains nutrients that are the most important and the most lacking in a person's modern diet.
2. Why is Radox® different?
If you look at competing products, you will notice one of two things. Either the product will contain one or two antioxidants in proper, researched dosages, or the product will contain a multitude of antioxidants in insignificant, meaningless dosages. Radox® is the only free-radical scavenging system on the market which contains both a multitude of compounds and extracts with antioxidant activity and in dosages that are meaningful and significant.
3. Radox® contains the following:
a. Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA):
Considered by researchers to be the "universal antioxidant". Being both fat and water-soluble, ALA positively affects nearly every tissue in the body. Not only does ALA promote normal liver function, but it aggressively fights free-radical-type compounds associated with carbohydrate metabolism.
b. Carotenoid Complex:
Carotenoids are extremely important fat-soluble antioxidants with a host of health-promoting benefits. Radox® contains the carotenoids lutein and lycopene, two of the most powerful antioxidants known to man. Not only do they have powerful, whole-body antioxidant ability, but they have been shown in many studies to have specific positive effects. For instance, lutein has been implicated in eye, skin and cardiovascular health, while lycopene has been shown to have targeted beneficial properties on the lung, bladder and prostate.
c. Grape Seed Extract:
An extremely potent, whole-body, water-soluble, free-radical scavenger that has been shown in studies to have beneficial effects on allergies and inflammation. In addition, it has a strengthening effect on blood vessels and circulation.
d. Green Tea Extract:
An extremely potent, whole-body, water-soluble antioxidant which has the ability to boost the immune system and support healthy kidney function. Green tea extract has been shown in studies to protect against respiratory and digestive infections and assist the cardiovascular system by maintaining normal vascular blood clotting.
e. Ginkgo Leaf Extract:
An extremely potent, whole-body, water-soluble antioxidant which has the ability to optimize circulatory oxygenation to brain cells. A multitude of studies exist demonstrating its ability to improve cognition, memory and overall brain health.
f. Anthocyanin Complex:
Contains a full spectrum of anthocyanins from red radish and red cabbage that is even better than the much-acclaimed anthocyanins that are contained in bilberry. Anthocyanins are water-soluble antioxidants that are important to eye as well as whole-body health.
g. Milk Thistle Extract:
An extremely potent, whole body, water-soluble antioxidant that has been shown to be specifically beneficial for liver health and detoxification. Milk thistle extract is considered invaluable for those looking to maintain optimal liver function and health.
h. Coenzyme Q10:
This fat-soluble antioxidant naturally occurs throughout the human body. Not only is it extremely important for cardiovascular health, but it is beneficial for whole-body energetics. Coenzyme Q10 has been shown to improve mitochondrial function within living human cells. As a result, Coenzyme Q10 optimizes feelings of well-being while minimizing feelings of fatigue.
4. What about the price?
We urge you to compare Radox® to any other antioxidant formula on the market. You will quickly see that you can take one product instead of many while saving hundreds of dollars per month.

This product will be in stock on Wednesday 04 March, 2020.

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