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Спортивное питание Inner Armour

Inner Armour

Welcome to Inner Armour, "The Speed of Power", a Parisi Speed School approved Banned Substance Free cutting edge line of sports nutrition products formulated for high school, college and pro athletes that have been tested on real athletes in Parisi Speed Schools across the nation.

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Спортивное питание Inner Armour, по алфавиту

Displaying 1 to 56 (of 56 products)

Displaying 1 to 56 (of 56 products)

Спортивное питание Inner Armour

Welcome to Inner Armour, "The Speed of Power", a Parisi Speed School approved Banned Substance Free cutting edge line of sports nutrition products formulated for high school, college and pro athletes that have been tested on real athletes in Parisi Speed Schools across the nation.
We thank you sincerely for your interest in Inner Armour supplements and hope that you find our standards well above the norm. There are many challenges in the supplement industry today and things are more confusing than ever for you the consumer. We at Inner Armour have identified those challenges and have provided cutting edge solutions for athletes and bodybuilders that will shape the future of sports nutrition forever.
The Challenge:
- There are millions of high school, college and professional athletes looking for legitimate supplements, training and nutritional answers to help give them an edge that they can trust.
- Athletes, coaches, trainers and parents are worried and confused about which supplements are actually safe and actually work.
October, 2008 – Several NFL players fail drug test because of taking a nutritional supplement that is spiked.
- July, 2008 – U.S. Olympic swimmer tests positive for a banned substance after taking a nutritional supplement.
- March, 2008 – NFL players sue sports nutritional company after testing positive for a banned substance. Soon after, the owner of that nutritional company is arrested for running a steroid ring.
The Solution:
- We at Inner Armour have formed a staff of leading industry professionals, scientists, product developers, trainers and registered dieticians to make up the most powerful nutritional supplement brand in the world – Inner Armour, “The Speed of Power”.
- Inner Armour has also teamed up with and announced an exclusive partnership with Parisi Speed School to become the authority for pro, college and high school athlete’s supplementation, training and nutritional needs.
"Parisi Speed Schools have trained in excess of 100,000 athletes from ever major sport resulting in more than 115 NFL draft picks (including 2008’s #2 pick Chris Long) plus record-breaking Olympic medalists, fearless MMA champions and repeat appearances on ESPN, Fox, NBC and other leading media outlets."
The Products:
Each Inner Armour product will contain some of the worlds most groundbreaking clinically tested ingredients in the actual amounts in which they were tested, without the use of any banned substances. All products will also bear a “Banned Substance Free” and Parisi Speed School logo. Our supplements and training methods focus on generating greater POWER from working muscles which is defined as the combination of speed x strength. We at Inner Armour focus on the fact that Speed x Strength = POWER because when it comes to performance, POWER is what ultimately defines a great athlete.
The Inner Armour product line consists of Nitro-Peak (Protein Powder), Nitro-Peak 50x (50g Liquid Protein Shots) Mass-Peak (Weight Gainer), Phospho-Peak (Creatine ATP Optimizer), Training-Peak (Multi Vitamin Performance Packs) and Glyco-Peak (Sports Drink Mix) and also contain a free training DVD on every product with 5 different DVD's to collect in total. The DVD's include secret training tips used by Parisi Speed School on their athletes to increase strength, speed and agility.
The Results:
Inner Armour supplements and Parisi Speed School training methods produced eye popping results in strength and speed at this years 2009 NFL combine and generated huge excitement amongst the athletes.
"We saw dramatic improvements in our athlete’s strength, speed and power output while this year’s group was by far our most successful group ever. Our athletes were bigger, faster and stronger than ever and Inner Armour supplements played an enormous role in that. The products got a tremendous response from our athletes because they demand to put the absolute best supplements in their bodies. They just didn't know what works and what to trust, but now they do" said Bill Parisi Founder and CEO of Parisi Speed Schools.
Our Commitment:
Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Inner Armour, “The Speed of Power”. We greatly appreciate you the consumer and are totally committed to bringing you the most effective and respected clinically tested banned substance free supplements the world has to offer. It is our goal to create the next generation of super athletes and bodybuilders, through proper supplementation, training and nutritional advice - banned substance free.
Thank you again.
Team Inner Armour
Inner Armour - strength from within...

The products that you are about to discover have been developed by some of the most respected and influential experts in sports performance and physique development. What we know at Inner Armour™ is that physique development requires knowledge of all of the anabolic, metabolic and catabolic systems in the body. At Inner Armour we have done the research. We know our business... and our business is to help you build your Inner Armour.

You can't acquire it, You can't learn it, You can't win it. You have to build it! We're talking about what drives you to shape your body and mind. To reach your personal pinnacle of perfection you must start from within and strengthen your Inner Armour™.

Building your Inner Armour™ is a daily pursuit that requires dedication, sacrifice and perseverance. Building a dominating physique with maximum strength, explosive power and enduring energy requires intense training and nutritional fortification. The physical transformation from where your body is today to where it could be tomorrow involves a powerful metamorphosis. Inner Armour™ provides the advanced support your body needs to accelerate your physical transformation so you reach your goals quicker and easier.

Our innovative products can help prepare your body for the physical demands and punishments of any chosen sport. Driven by Innovation, Dedicated to Excellence, Focused on our Customers... Welcome to Inner Armour™.

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