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Спортивное питание BlenderBottle


Are BlenderBottle products BPA free?


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Спортивное питание BlenderBottle, по алфавиту

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Displaying 1 to 24 (of 24 products)

Спортивное питание BlenderBottle

Are BlenderBottle products BPA free?

Yes. All BlenderBottle products are - and always have been - BPA free. Are BlenderBottle products patented?

Yes. BlenderBottle products (including the GoStak) are protected under multiple U.S. and international patents – both issued and pending. The BlenderBottle Company aggressively protects its intellectual property rights. BlenderBottle® and BlenderBall® are registered trademarks. I ordered a "28 oz" bottle, but the measurements only go up to 20 oz. Did I get the wrong bottle?

The total cup volume is measured to the brim of each cup (i.e. take the lid off and fill the cup until it reaches the top). The ounce and milliliter markings do not go up to the very brim for aesthetic reasons.
Are BlenderBottle shaker cups dishwasher safe?

Yes. All pieces (including the BlenderBall) are dishwasher safe. We recommend using the top rack for the cup and lid, and placing the BlenderBall in the silverware bin. Are BlenderBottle products lead-free?

Do BlenderBottle products meet European government standards?

What is the BlenderBall® made of?

Polished 316 (surgical-grade) stainless steel. Are BlenderBottle products microwavable?

While the plastics used in BlenderBottle products are safe, microwaving is strongly discouraged. The leak-proof seal can allow pressure to build up inside the bottle/jars when heating, causing the lids or flip caps to open unexpectedly and spray contents. Never microwave the BlenderBottle with the BlenderBall inside. Can I freeze my BlenderBottle?

Generally, we do not recommend freezing BlenderBottle shaker cups. Like most plastic bottles, the BlenderBottle may become brittle and more susceptible to cracking or breaking when frozen. If you decide to freeze the contents, please make sure to leave room at the top, as well as the flip cap open, for the contents to expand. Can BlenderBottle shaker cups be used to mix hot liquids?

No. Hot or warm liquids may build up pressure within the bottle and cause the flip cap to open unexpectedly and spray contents.

Some ingredients such as pancake batter may also build up pressure within the bottle. When mixing these types of ingredients, users should hold a finger over the flip cap while shaking and use caution when opening the flip cap. Always point the spout away from face when opening the flip cap. I've seen different logos on bottles that look like the BlenderBottle. How can I know if it is a genuine BlenderBottle product?

The BlenderBottle is a patented product. We have a private label program, allowing companies to co-brand our bottles with their logo. However, the bottom of each product will always have the BlenderBottle trademark, website URL, and patent information.

If you suspect you have a counterfeit product, please contact us.
Can I order a replacement part?

Yes. We offer replacement parts for just about every BlenderBottle product. Click here to order a replacement BlenderBall wire whisk. For other replacement parts, please call 1-877-215-9509. Where are BlenderBottle products made?

Our corporate offices are located in Pleasant Grove, Utah. Our products are designed in the USA and manufactured in China. When I track my order, it shows that it has still not left Utah, even though it's been several days.

Packages that ship using FedEx SmartPost use a combination of FedEx and USPS shipping methods. As a result, tracking is often unreliable, and often shows it "stuck" in Salt Lake City, even when it may be on the truck for delivery in New York. Packages shipped within the continental U.S. should be received within 5-10 business days. If you still have a question or concern about your order, please contact us here.

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