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Спортивное питание Come Ready Nutrition

Come Ready Nutrition

The Best Tasting Bars on the Market.

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Спортивное питание Come Ready Nutrition

The Best Tasting Bars on the Market. Guaranteed! Engineered for Peak Performance!
They’re the Hottest New Bars in America Today!

Crons COME READY Performance Protein Bars are a complete nutritional complement to your workout routine with a superior nutritional profile that allows you to get the greatest benefit each and every time you workout or step into the gym.

These COME READY bars feature an optimal mix of protein, carbohydrates and fiber engineered to promote peak performance. Packed into each bar are exactly what you need—and what you don’t need—for the perfect pre-workout or post-workout snack:

24g of whey protein blend
5g of fiber
NO Aftertaste
NO Upset stomach issues
Fortified with 18 vitamins and minerals
NO Trans Fats

And 4 delicious flavors contribute to what pushes the COME READY Performance Protein Bars far, far ahead of the competition. They are the BEST TASTING bars on the market. GUARANTEED!

With Crons’ COME READY Performance Protein Bars it’s about ATTITUDE.

The ATTITUDE that motivates you to achieve your workout goals. The ATTITUDE that inspires you to demand nothing short of your very best workout each and every time you walk through that door.
The ATTITUDE that demands your very best…each and every time you compete.
The ATTITUDE that simply says Come Ready Or Never Start.

The Crons Brand is an inspirational mentality brand that motivates people to set and achieve their goals. To always strive to reach their full potential. To realize that all-out effort is the key to doing their best…and then making that best, better. Crons is an acronym for Come Ready or Never Start.

Five simple words. Nothing special about a single one. But put them together and they describe a mentality that reinforces your desire to excel. To compete. To maximize your performance.
The Crons Come Ready or Never Start mentality emphasizes:

Outworking the competition
Overcoming adversity
Ignoring the noise of doubters (being self-confident)
The importance of practice and preparation so you’re ready when your opportunity comes
Staying focused on your goals
And making your best…better

Crons Come Ready Performance Protein Bars have been formulated with an optimal nutritional profile and engineered for performance. Because we realize that proper nutrition and timely supplements are keys to assisting you in reaching your workout or competitive goals.

The Crons Brand is also one of the fastest growing performance athletic team and lifestyle apparel brands in the country, having already been spotlighted by The New York Times, USAToday, CNBC and FoxBusiness News. The brand features inspirational messaging as a part of its apparel and merchandise.

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