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Спортивное питание FortiFX


Our Goal

At FortiFX, we strive to offer the best tasting nutritional products that you can trust.

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Спортивное питание FortiFX

Our Goal

At FortiFX, we strive to offer the best tasting nutritional products that you can trust. We understand you care about what you put in your body, so we take the time to formulate products that exceed what you need to excel.

We are passionate about great-taste. Every product stamped with the FortiFX name not only will have a superior nutritional breakdown, but it will also taste amazing. This makes it easier to reach your fitness goals without having to sacrifice the taste that you often have to save for a “cheat day”.

FortiFX is also committed to raising the label accuracy in a sketchy nutrition market. Some other nutrition bar companies will put anything on the label in order for it to sell; FortiFX is 100% label compliant and we lab test our nutritional facts panels to guarantee what is on the label is what is in the wrapper.

Built Different To Be Better For the past 25 years, all layered protein bars have been made exactly the same way; it’s called Cold Extrusion. In this process, manufacturers mix protein with an awful tasting putty that is then shaped and decorated to look like a candy bar. After a few weeks, the awful tasting protein bar gets hard as a rock. There's a good chance you've experienced this before.

FortiFX Bars are NOT built on awful tasting putty. We bake all of our bars in ovens; just like the soft batch cookies you make at home. Then we decorate each high protein cookie bar with proprietary cream layers and rich chocolates that our internal staff of Food Chemists formulate.

The superior taste and texture of FortiFX Bars simply cannot be matched by any other bar brand. How could it… they’re still using 25 year old Cold Extrusion technology, applying paper thin layers of caramel, and enrobing their awful tasting putty bars with generic chocolate. One bite of a FortiFX Bar and you’ll taste the difference.

We Make Our Products Most of the other protein bar brands don’t even manufacture their own bars; they pay third party manufacturers to produce their bars for them. This is not the case at FortiFX. We manufacture every FortiFX bar while making sure each and every bar is label compliant and delivers the taste people have grown to love.

Try FortiFX today and we promise you'll stop eating your current protein bar.

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