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TopCatalogCreatineMaximum Zell Volume (2 kg)

Maximum Zell Volume (2 kg)

Maximum Cell Volume with KREA GENIC Product description: Cell voluminizer with KREA GENIC®, carbohydrates, protein, Trehalose, Arginine and Glutamine Training phase: ● muscle starting period ● force phase Characteristics: Maximum cell volume only contains creatine form which is doubly buffered and names as KREA GENIC®. It means that the Maximum Cell Volume is very stable and is not destroyed by gastric acid. No transformation to Creatinine! It can unleash its strength in a full fledged way in the muscles . Besides, Trehalose helps in the absorption of the other added nutrients very well. It provides a constant supply of raw materials. The contained Whey protein (Isolate and hydrolyzate) can directly penetrate as a building material in "anabole" windows after training . Maximum cell volume can reduce lactic acid in the muscle: ● quick regeneration between the sets ● harder training possible Arginine: ● the nutrient is for the opening of the vessels = MUSCLE PUMPS! Glutamin: ● supports the defense forces ● supports the Glycogenein storage after training ● supports the regeneration ● is a prerequisite for your training success! Other information: ● KREA GENIC® is manufactured in Germany as per the GMP standard. Important characteristics: ● quick absorption of the contained nutrients ● constant energy ● building materials for the muscles ● high stability, no transformation to Creatinine Product properties: ● MAXIMUM CELL VOLUME with KREA GENIC® ● accelerated muscle growth ● higher muscle power ● plus Trehalose, whey protein hydrolyzate, Arginine, Glutamine Intake recommendation: ● a portion with 40 g powder (1 measuring spoon) in 400 ml water daily, preferably before or after training for a period of 6 weeks. Subsequently, include a 2-4 weeks break ● not suitable for children or youngsters! The supply of Creatine can cause water storage in the muscles while inducing muscle gain. Content: ● can containing 2 kg powder




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This product will be in stock on Friday 07 June, 2019.

Product description Maximum Zell Volume (2 kg)

This product will be in stock on Friday 07 June, 2019.

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