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Спортивное питание Scivation


Основной целью создания спортивного питания марки Scivation является оказание необходимой поддержки людям, занимающимся спортом и ведущим активный образ жизни, с помощью высококачественных добавок и спортивного питания.

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Спортивное питание Scivation, по алфавиту

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Спортивное питание Scivation

Основной целью создания спортивного питания марки Scivation является оказание необходимой поддержки людям, занимающимся спортом и ведущим активный образ жизни, с помощью высококачественных добавок и спортивного питания.

Компания Scivation производит пищевые добавки высочайшего качества для спортсменов. С помощью продуктов компании Scivation вам будет легче достичь поставленные цели и реализовать мечты. Компания Scivation в своей работе руководствуется одним простым принципом – создавать новые продукты в линейке спортивного питания Scivation на основе новейших научных достижений.

Спортивное питание Scivation изготавливается в соответствии с требованиями стандартов качества самого высокого уровня, каждый компонент, входящий в состав спортивного питания Scivation тщательно подобран в соответствии с научным исследованием его эффективности.

Спортивное питание Scivation – это высококачественное сырье и компоненты, прошедшие клинические испытания и подобранные по результатам научных исследований, и в итоге – уникальные продукты для тех, кто стремится воплотить мечты в реальность!

Изображены на фото (слева на право): Marc Lobliner, Rob Moran, Derek Charlebois

Marc Lobliner

Marc Lobliner - президент компании Scivation Inc. Он является сертифицированным персональным тренером с более чем десятилетним стажем в сфере здоровья и фитнеса, включая 4 года в Weider Publications, основатель компании INSTONE, LLC. Кроме этого, Marc обладает титулом National Level NPC Bodybuilder и является пауэрлифтера мирового класса. Marc прошел обучение в California Lutheran University в Thousand Oaks, CA. по специальности Marketing Communications.

Подтверждением признания превосходного качества и высокой эффективности спортивного питания Scivation служит награда за лучший продукт года Xtend.


Building Better Bodies through Science & Innovation™

Polaris (The North Star)

Polaris, also referred to as the North Star, Fire Star (Navajo), Emperor Star (Chinese), Chief Star (Skidi band of Pawnee Indians), or Na-gah the great sheep that climbed the ultimate mountain (Paiute), is a symbol of guidance or direction, the stable guardian light of ultimate leadership to help one find their way amidst the darkness and confusion .

Scivation™ is a performance nutrition and dietary supplement company committed to developing products of unparalleled quality and formulated using fully efficacious doses of active ingredients supported by science. All products developed by Scivation™ are manufactured under strict current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) conditions, undergo rigorous third-party analytical testing beyond what is minimally required within the industry, and, beginning in 2012, select products will be third-party tested to ensure no presence of WADA banned substances. Scivation™ actively supports university research in the field of exercise science and applied biochemistry through numerous laboratory grants, gifts and donations, and is an industry leader in providing applicable, expert information to consumers on the path to living their best life, full of health, fitness, confidence and vitality.

To provide the nutritional, training and motivational tools necessary to unlock the physiological potential of all people who strive to live a physically or athletically advanced lifestyle, complete with optimal health and vitality.

About Us
Intersection of Science and Innovation
At Scivation, we are whole-heartedly committed to excellence in manufacturing, research and results. After years of doing this — and with over a century of combined experience — we are unwilling to settle for complacency or commonplace. We know we are dealing with delicate and intricate biological machinery. And we know that only those products that are rigorously investigated for efficacy and relevance are worthy of the Scivation name; worthy of putting into your body.

By partnering with revered raw material suppliers to improve processes, develop new compounds, and to test and challenge current ingredients in physiological settings, Scivation will continue this unique approach to supplement creation.

Articulate in the Language of Quality
Scivation is company committed to doing things right. And we know of course, that every company says the same. But can every company actually articulate their quality measures? Can every company discuss not only ingredient quality, but manufacturing quality as well? Or how about independently examining ingredients for purported benefits in the real-life physiological conditions — conditions not just in the lab, but on the field, the mat, or in the gym?

Scivation can not only articulate our measures, but we do it black and white. You will find scivation.com littered with information about our quality processes, our research project progress, and our unwavering commitment to not just part of the picture, but all of the facets of products, training and physique enhancement.

Not of Legend or Larceny Our company “genetics” are not connected to past professional glory; not tacked on to a famous name and to a hodgepodge of chaos and chemicals, all the while declaring a heritage of hard work and ethics. Nor is our company a descendent of drug and drug-like compounds that served as quick cash and as so-called street cred. And certainly, Scivation is not borne of the carnival barkers whose circus of freaks, while perhaps awe-inspiring, are neither believable nor beneficial to your efforts.

But what is done behind the walls and in the labs at Scivation is, in itself, freakish. Freakish in the fact we are committed to doing it different; far outside the normative smash-and-grab business model, and certainly outside the oft-accepted human health heist, we at Scivation are a collective of top thinkers and developers with professional chops honed in some of the biggest, and more importantly, successful supplement operations in the country.

Chemistry: Only Part of the Puzzle.
Most often, as consumers, participants and athletes, we are regaled with stories of “master chemists” who are synthesizing this chemical or that compound. As sexy as these stories may sound, chemistry is only part of the puzzle. Undoubtedly, there is a great deal of chemistry involved in what we do. In fact, there is far more chemistry than one might think. And just pouring through popular chemical and medical search engines and then getting on the horn to Shanghai or Guangzhou, placing an order for the molecule-du-jour is not only reckless, it is also not chemistry.

Also, chemistry that yields ill-fitting material is not very useful either. We at Scivation investigate and specify the paramount physical properties for all our compounds. Regardless of what a supplier’s spectroscopy report says, investigating the oft-overlooked specs like moisture content, particle size and morphology, dissolution and disintegration times, and let us not forget flavor systems, are extremely important when crafting functional nutritional and performance products.

But all this chemistry, without relevant biological context, is useless to us and is useless to you. And not just any biological model will do. Depending on the investigation — cell signaling, toxicology, enzyme kinetics, etc. — we will employ the appropriate animal model and when deemed necessary to validate a new ingredient or formulation's efficacy (and, if necessary, to direct reformulation or dosing needs), as well as to establish toxicology and initial safety data, follow up with relevant human models.

The Drumbeat of Documentation Our scientific affairs team is not only architecting research and ingredient substantiation, but they are constantly compiling structure-function documentation and ingredient dossiers. Our QA/QC departments are engaged in external and internal FDA-compliant audits for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), including documenting proper standard operating procedures (SOPs) and to ensure that proper use (and interpretation) of analytical testing methods and equipment. These and other behind-the-scenes compliance measures provide the constant cadence — the scientific drumbeat — to which Scivation orchestrates its product innovation and development.

Brilliant Science; Brilliant Business
We’re not saying that proper science is the product panacea. But we are saying that it is meticulous and relevant science that provides the underpinnings of products. However, a scientifically-sound product without a reason for being is of no use to those of us clamoring to construct better physiques. We’ve all seen those esoteric products or ingredients larded in baffling science, but if there is no application — no real-world impact on physicality — those products are destined to gather dust and solicit disgust from a confused marketplace.

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